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Bespoke solutions

Exigo can tailor an application or website to your requirements, utilising your existing systems and technologies or provide a completely new solution. We can do as much or as little as you want. The expertise behind Exigo IT have created bespoke systems for :

  • Customer Registration Application - Manages 45,000+ client details and provided extensive correspondence automation facilities;
  • Web based Customer Registration System - Enabling 16,000+ customers to maintain details;
  • Electronic Data Records Management Systems(EDRMS) - Fully bespoke system for simplifying corporate document management, with built in auditing and version control;
  • Web based data warehousing solution - providing access to 20 years of historical data;
  • Risk management application - enabling risks to be identified and show trends whilst maintaining audit information;
  • Candidate Assessment Tracking - A solution for training companies to enable candidates to be tracked and progressed through the qualification and verification process;
  • Safety Tracker - An application to enable the easy monitoring of issues within a company.

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Website Design

Exigo IT can create a website for your business ranging from a simple advertisement to a dynamic database driven website.

Exigo IT can provide the solution just right for your business.

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